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Installing The Tubes
(Note: These tubes were created for PSP5.
However, they can be converted for use in PSP6.

  • Unzip the tube files to a temporary folder in your directory

  • Open Paint Shop Pro

  • Choose File / Browser to find location of the folder containing the tubes (Tubes will appear as images)

  • Double click on the tubes you wish to install.  (Tubes will open as an image)

  • Choose File / Export / Picture Tube (This will bring up a box for defining the parameters of the tube)

  • Where you see "Cells Across" place number of horizontal images.

  • Where you see "Cells Down" place the number of vertical images (PSP will automatically calculate "Total Cells")

  • Where you see "Placement Options" leave to PSP default unless   you are familiar with option choices.

  • Where you see "Tube Name" type in whatever you choose to call the tube, click OK.

  • The tube is now installed awaiting your creative hand!

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