If you are unable to hear the music on this page, may I suggest you go here, http://www.headspace.com and download Beatnik, the bomb for playing music files! If you are unable to hear the music on this page, may I suggest you go here, http://www.crescendo.com and download their Crescendo Live!

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How kind of you to stop by and see what creations are softly making their way to Gentle Impressions. Currently, within these pages, you will find some Paint Shop Pro tubes and coordinating PSP brushes.   Creating these is a completely new adventure for me, so the collection is small for now.

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Most of the images I use to create the PSP tubes and brushes are from CD's I have purchased containing royalty/copyright free images. I have also scanned some images from my personal collection of old penny postcards. If you happen to see an image that belongs to someone, and still retains their copyrights, please make me aware so I can remove it from the collection. I have no desire to knowingly "steal" or claim rights to someone else's images.

Many long hours of thought, love and editing have gone into preparing these images for you, and I share them with you freely to decorate your pages, on or offline. I do have one gentle request, please do not add them to your online collection of graphics, tubes, brushes etc. If you want to offer these images to others, may I suggest a link to this site as an alternative. I have placed a small logo at the bottom of each page should you choose to use a graphic link.

I wish you much joy and success in your creative endeavors!

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